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Who are the Big Ian Petrie Band ?

The big man himself- first picked up a guitar in the 60's and quickly learnt the folk songs of the day. Before too long he started writng his own material and through the 70' s became a regular at folk clubs across the South East. During this time he formed Dolphin Smile and established himself as an accomplished performer, writer and singer. Late in the 70's he made regular appearances with the seminal Kent folk band Skinners Rats and became an expert country dance caller - a skill that is very much in demand with a number of other bands. Over the last 20 years Ian has built on his reputation as a brilliant singer and caller - he has appeared on radio and TV (most recently on Channel 4's The Big Breakfast in 2005). In this band he calls on the talents of up to 4 other people who also have years of experience on the UK folk circuit

Steve Shorey - Steve started playing in 1965 and moved into the UK pub and club circuit with various bands in the the early 1970's. He migrated to the UK Folk scene in 1978 playing 100's of gigs with the duo Tall Story alongside Merv Sterry. They appeared on BBC and Independent radio on a number of occasions. From 1984 until the the early 1990's he worked with Colin Reece and Ian Cutler. Although Ian Petrie and Steve knew each other from the 70's they started a long running collaboration in 1993 and have worked together ever since. Steve combines acoustic and electric guitar playing across folk and rock styles and has engineered and produced two solo instrumental albums.  Steve is a full time player with his own studio

Ted Handley -Ted is part of a very musical family, both his brothers are musicians and they come together in their own band called 'Triality' - they are a fixture at the Broadstairs folk festival and have been performing there every year since 1986. Ted is a gifted accordian player larger than life and twice as loud!!!. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of country dance tunes, and will even play some classical pieces if you ask him. Ted believes that modern technology is the way foreword for accordiam and to this end he plays a fully electronic instrument that allows him to play string, organ and even banjo parts with the band

Vince Herbert - Vince has played the bass guitar since he was very young - and as he is quite old now that means a very long time !!!. He has worked with Ian for over 20 years

Dennis Huntley has been Ian's drummer of choice for over 20 years, Dennis has been active on the Kent pub music circuit for 40 years

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